FLORA night time Facial Toner
FLORA night time Facial Toner

FLORA night time Facial Toner

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FLORA is a facial toner designed to heal and rejuvenate your skin. All of the ingredients have been chosen with a healthy Glow in mind, lets have a deep dive:

Aloe Vera:

1. It can help combat acne. Studies have shown that people with moderate acne can benefit from using oral aloe vera products to treat their irritated skin. Just be sure to talk with your doctor before using it

2. It can help fade dark spots and acne scars. Even if your acne isn’t a problem at the moment, those pesky scars can stick around for years. Aloe vera gel helps stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, which reduces the appearance of scarring.

3. It moisturizes dry skin. The plant contains a high number of mucopolysaccharides (try saying that five times fast), a type of molecule chain with hydrating properties 

4. It reduces puffiness and dark circles. Remember the collagen-producing effects of aloe vera? Those don’t just help with acne scars. They also reduce overall inflammation in the face and help with the production of new skin — which makes you look radiant and glowy AF.



Research has shown MSM provides positive benefits for the anti-aging and healthy skin. It appears MSM works through a few different mechanisms, although the exact pathways are still being studied and are not yet fully understood. First, MSM increases the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress, a major contributor to skin damage. Secondly, it can decrease damage done through internal inflammation, spurred by stress, dietary habits, or normal processes. And lastly, it is thought that MSM can improve the foundation of skin – collagen and other connective tissue proteins.

The MSM sulfur compound works as an anti inflammatory and has a skin repairing effect which can help treat skin conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis. It can also help smooth and soften acne scars, as well as speed up the healing of existing wounds. The way it works is that MSM makes your skin more permeable and thereby more absorbent, plump, and hydrated. For example, if you use a facial moisturizer with beneficial ingredients, MSM will enable your skin to absorb more nutrients and get the most of out of any product that you are using.

Hyaluronic Acid:

Hydration = Hyaluronic Acid.

Think of hyaluronic acid like a BIG drink of water for your skin. It is able to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin and binds water to skin cells, infusing all layers of the skin with valuable, rejuvenating moisture.

Roughly half of the hyaluronic acid in your body is present in your skin, where it binds to water to help retain moisture. However, the natural aging process and exposure to things like ultraviolet radiation from the sun, tobacco smoke and pollution can decrease its amounts in the skin. adding hyaluronic acid may prevent this decline by giving your body extra amounts to incorporate into the skin

Vegetable Glycerin:

Used topically, Vegetable Glycerine attracts and locks moisture into the skin, thereby softening, smoothing, and soothing the complexion. Its pH level closely matches that of the skin, which makes it gentle enough to be used by those with sensitive skin and in baby skincare.